Marketing Services


When you become part of our team we will get to know you and your product and begin with market analysis. This includes finding out what groups of customers/audience (or markets) exist, what their needs are, what groups of customers you prefer to serve (target markets), what products or services you might develop to meet their needs, how the audience prefers to use the products and services, what your competitors are doing, what pricing you should use and how you should distribute products and services to customers.

Results of this marketing analysis indicate the position, or market "niche", for us to work from, Marketing then also includes ongoing promotions, which can include advertising, public relations, graphic design, sales and customer service.  

Services Include


Social Media Marketing

Custom Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook  | Google+

Linkedin  |  YouTube

Instagram  |  Twitter

Market Research

Internet Marketing

Graphic Design and Printing

Direct Mail Advertising

Media Planning and Buying

Event Planning and Fulfillment

Ad Buys

Publicity Campaigns

Media scripts

Website content

Newsletter strategies

Email campaigns


Sponsorships & Collaborations

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