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Careers with Al McCree Entertainment

Al McCree Entertainment is committed to being one of the best promoters of top-quality comedians and entertainers nationwide.  We are continually looking for highly skilled candidates to join our growing team.

Currently seeking:

Director of Marketing at Al McCree Entertainment


Who Are You?

  • You are an organized, big-picture thinker.  You can see the forest, but you also organize the trees!
  • You love the details, even when there are a lot of them. You’re able to take a breath and start sorting.
  • When you hear an idea for a project, you immediately start breaking down the steps to make the idea a reality.
  • You know when to delegate tasks to the team and when to jump in yourself.
  • You love social media marketing. You’re a wiz at Ads Manager yourself, or you’re comfortable speaking that Ads Manager geeky language with someone who can help execute the ads.
  • You are curious. You’re fascinated by people and how they behave. In work, you’re always asking questions, wanting to make a project better, more efficient, or more profitable.
  • If you see a way to make something better, you don’t sit on it. You come to the team with your idea!
  • You are awesome at dealing with multiple clients, all with strong opinions…
  • Chaos happens, but when it does you are able to deal with it and you find ways to thrive in the midst of it.
  • You recognize and embrace the benefits and challenges of working with a virtual team.


Who We Are

Welcome to Al McCree Entertainment! We are an Artist Promotions and Management company. Our mission is to enrich lives through music, entertainment, and wisdom. We do that primarily by selling tickets to live events. Grady Nutt once said that comedy is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world.  We want to help that hand.

We’re a small team based out of Nashville who communicate and work together virtually. We have 2 key members and 4 key contractors. We would like to make you the third key member of our team.

Divisions of our company include: Al McCree Entertainment, Comedy with Class, Musical Concepts, The Original Jeanne Stuff store, and the Jeanne Robertson Humor Competition.


Role Logistics:

1. Job Description

The role of the Director of Marketing is to support an increase of sales and exposure across all areas of the business, focusing primarily on marketing for concerts that are promoted by Al McCree entertainment or by artists under our current management, and potentially including other key projects.

We would like the Director of Marketing to create targeted marketing campaigns that:

  • increase sales by self-determined percentage year over year
  • increase our fan and customer base by self-determined number.
  • propose new projects that can create future revenue streams beyond what we have now.

2. Primary Functions & Responsibilities

Marketing Planning and Budgeting

  • Research past marketing efforts and trends to develop a strategy
  • Create a plan for each concert/project to increase sales and exposure
    • Direct marketing
    • Social Media
    • Traditional
  • Create a budget based upon desired outcomes
  • Identify key contacts and team members needed for each plan


Coordinating Marketing Efforts

  • Cultivate strong working relationships with multiple partners across the country, including artists, management teams, venue staff, account managers, industry professionals, etc.
  • Work with contractors to support in key marketing activities (FB Advertising)
  • Work with team member to coordinate graphic design, PR, and promotion strategy.
  • Create timelines for each concert/project


Execution of Marketing Efforts

  • Manage marketing based on timeline and plan to assure all marketing hits at the right time
  • Manage media/advertising buys
  • Build and write targeted e-blasts, press releases, show blurbs, and social media copy as necessary.
  • Responsible for analyzing past performances of related events to determine how to reach targeted demographic for maximum ticket sales.
  • Monitor ticket sales in order to adjust marketing efforts as needed
  • Supervise marketing contractors and vendors



Why It's Great to Join Our Team

1) We love what we do, and it’s contagious.

2) Work virtually from anywhere, whenever you want. A lot of what we do doesn’t have set hours, but we do expect everyone to get their work done on time.

3) You get the chance to create celebrity. You’ll create the plans and branding that will make this person a star.

4) Part the fun of creating celebrity is working with the actual celebrities.

5) This is a small team and we care about each other. That means we’re invested in everyone’s personal and professional development.

6) There’s a lot of opportunity for growth. We’re only bound by our ideas and the ability to make them happen.


Congratulations, you’ve read this far!


If you’d like to check out Jeanne Robertson, our number one client, on youtube, click here


If this sounds like your kind of job, we’d love to hear from you.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to and copy

Also seeking:

  • Social Media superheroes:  Are you great at fan interaction and consistent branding? Can you work with FB Ads Manager? Give us a shout!
  • Booking Agents:  We're looking for booking agents for out Professional Speaking clients.
  • Marketing Consultants: We often have several shows in promotion at the same time, and it really helps to have a Marketing Consultant or director for each show. So if you think planning a marketing strategy from start to finish sounds like a blast, we want you!
  • Data Entry heroes: Sounds boring, but we get a LOT of data and we need someone like you who's in love with the perfect spreadsheet or bar graph.

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